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“I have known David Grandis for several years and have seen him in action with orchestras numerous times. He has impressed me with his technical facilities and his creative musical thinking. His conducting shows significant talent and promise and I expect him to do well in the foreseeable future.”

Gustav Meier, November 2005
Conductor and Director
Greater Lansing Symphony Orchestra, MI
Bridgeport Symphony Orchestra, CT
Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University, MD

“Mr. David Grandis directed the National Orchestra of the Capitole of Toulouse and on this occasion I was able to appreciate his qualities as a musician. The conscientious work he carried out in the Orchestra with enables me to recommend him.”

Michel Plasson, November 2003
Conductor and former Director
National Orchestra of the Capitole of Toulouse
Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra

"I have had the opportunity to hire David Grandis at Lyon National Opera on several occasions: he has served as assistant of Johannes Willig on Humperdinck’s Hänsel und Gretel  in 2010 and as the assistant of Leopold Hager on Massenet’s Werther  in 2011. He will return as the assistant of Bernhard Kontarsky on Strauss’ Capriccio in April 2013. On these occasions, he has been responsible for some of the preparation of the orchestra and of the soloists as well as several rehearsals. David Grandis has shown commendable qualities during these two productions. He has always been extremely well prepared for his task, knowing the repertoire perfectly. He is deeply invested in his work. His musical and technical competencies, his natural sense for human relations and his listening skills all combined, are greatly appreciated by singers and conductors alike, for whom he accompanies during the rehearsal process with great savoir-faire and consideration. He is a unifying artist who knows how to establish trusting relations with his partners and how to work in a team: indispensable qualities for the operatic field. Considering these three collaborations with David Grandis and the excellence of his work, I recommend him wholeheartedly and without any reservation."

Serge Dorny, April 2013
General Director
Lyon National Opera, France


“David Grandis is a young conductor whom I have had the pleasure to invite twice to conduct the Philharmonic Orchestra of Nice. His humane and professional qualities have allowed him to win recognition among the musicians of the orchestra in a very personal style. He is a refined musician with a profound artistic sensitivity and a rare intellectual and musical integrity. Presently, his musical aptitude and his important professional music experiences allow me to recommend him in every respect as a young conductor or as an assistant. His rigor, his seriousness and his constant desire to progress are promising indicators that he will achieve a great career.”

Marco Guidarini, January 2007
Conductor and Director
Nice Philharmonic Orchestra


“I have known David for the past year and have found him to be an outstanding musician and colleague. David is an extremely dedicated and talented conductor with a gift for gesture as well as an inquisitive mind with regard to research and programming. David is well worth your serious consideration and if you would like more comments from me about his work I would be happy to elaborate in further correspondence or by phone. I hope you will give this talented and deserving musician your encouragement and support and I recommend him to you wholeheartedly and without reservation.”

Emil De Cou, June 2008
Associate Conductor
National Symphony Orchestra, Washington, DC

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